Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Glen Ridge again

Eagle Rock Reservation

My first stop this evening was the First Time's A Charm geocache in Glen Ridge. I was there just two evenings ago but new caches have appeared there since then. This one was an easy roadside pickup. After that, I went to The Final Frontier, also in Glen Ridge. As you might guess, that cache had Star Trek-themed contents. This one wasn't as easy to get to. It was up a steep slope.

After that, there was still some daylight, so I visited the KV6830 benchmark at Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange. I didn't have the benchmark info but I was able to get it on the cell phone using Opera Mini. The nifty thing about benchmarks is the recovery notes often include driving directions. For this one, I followed their driving directions all the way from town and up the mountain. I was familiar with this area because I've visited the nearby geocache and 9/11 memorial.

Then I went back to Paramus to see the CompUSA clearance sale. This time, the discount was as high as 70%, half the store had been emptied and roped off, and the store clerks were delirious. One would think with discounts like that, the store would be mobbed, but no. Shoppers were quite calm and showed a lot of restraint. Part of the problem is the store has a "No returns" policy during the clearance sale. In addition, the quality of the remaining merchandise is very much in doubt.

I did take a chance on getting a wi-fi adapter for my notebook computer. Why get one when the notebook computer already has a wireless card? Well, because the notebook's wireless is lousy. I'd suspected so for quite some time and I proved it earlier this week by going to the Palisades Center Mall with the notebook computer and new wi-fi adapter and picking up half a dozen networks at the food court. (With the notebook's own wi-fi, I could only see one or two networks.)

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