Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

River and dale

Riverdale Crossing strip mall

I went out to Riverdale this afternoon to find the Mr. Micro geocache. Since the location is in the parking lot of the Riverdale Crossing strip mall, it really wasn't hard to get to. However, I did take the opportunity to visit the Borders store there to use a coupon and some Borders Bucks.

Parking lot etiquette: There are times when you're just about to leave your parking space and someone, maybe even a whole family, gets into the car next to you and takes his own sweet time doing so, leaving his car door wide open the whole time. So you have to wait for him or risk getting a scrape from his car door as you back out. People do that all the time in my area and it gets irritating at times. I was pleasantly surprised to not see this in Riverdale. At Riverdale Crossing, a lady waited for me to leave the parking space before getting into her car. I waved thanks to her as I drove off.

In the evening, I had the option of doing a cache in Tarrytown (Westchester) but I passed on that in order to get a haircut. I had a Supercuts coupon that was expiring soon and I figured I probably should trim a few months of hair growth before a busy weekend of mascot gigs. (With longer hair, it gets hot under the mask.) Anyway, on my last visit to Supercuts, I asked the hairdresser what I needed to say to get the haircut I wanted and she told me. So this time, I just said to the hairdresser (not the same person as the last time) "#4 up high, scissor on top to spike". She understood, went to work right away, and it was exactly what I wanted. Nice. That's like a command language for haircuts. :)

One feature missing from Where's George is RSS feeds for WG hits. While I do get notification emails sent to Gmail, I have Google Reader open in a K-Meleon tab more often than Gmail and it would be nice to be able to quickly scan through my WG hits in Google Reader's expanded view. I didn't think that would be easily doable until I came across MailBucket yesterday night. It's a nifty email-to-RSS gateway. Forward the email to a MailBucket email address and the email will show up in a MailBucket RSS feed. Where's George has two kinds of notification emails, so I redirected one of them, the "wireless" notification email, to MailBucket and I was soon able to see my WG hits in Google Reader. Not bad.

The MailBucket service comes with significant caveats though. Firstly, there is nothing protecting the MailBucket email address from spam. Sure, they claim that they have SpamAssassin but browse the example feeds on their main page and you'll see plenty of spam. Secondly, the resulting RSS feeds are public, although that's not a concern in my case because WG hit information is already public. Anyway, because of the potential spam problem, I won't be sending my WG hits feed over to Tumblr, 30 Boxes, or Jaiku. Tumblr, in particular, reveals the MailBucket feed URL and therefore the MailBucket receiver email address too. So that would be a dead giveaway to spammers out there, unless I use an RSS forwarder/redirector to hide the actual feed URL from Tumblr. (but that would be getting rather complicated just for the sake of sharing WG hits, when I can just share the interesting ones by hand on Twitter and Livejournal)

Of course, it would be far better if Where's George itself provided RSS feeds, but I have to make do with what I have.

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