Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Centering your micros


Earlier this week, I got a postcard from Micro Center with an offer of free stuff at their new store (which opened last week) in Paterson. I wasn't going to go there just yet but a new geocache popped up in that general direction, so I figured I might as well visit the computer store and the geocache in the same evening.

Of course, that "general direction" still meant that the geocache was about 10 miles past Micro Center, but no matter. I went to find Grover Gina in an unidentified wooded area in Roseland. There were supposedly trails in those woods but I wouldn't know because I followed the grassy field all the way around and cut into the woods where the cache was. When I saw the trail though, I was glad I didn't take it. It was muddy! This geocache had a pack of HandzOff anti-masturbatory gum, which was pretty funny. Read the back of the box too.

Then I went to Micro Center in Paterson. It's probably happenstance that the store opened up while CompUSA in this area was going out of business. I don't expect much from computer stores but this one is pretty good. I found the Gorillapod that I was planning to get and they had it on sale too! Then I got the free items, which were a 2GB flash drive and a Micro Center mug. Another thing to note is the sales tax is 3.5% there, instead of 7%, because the store is part of Paterson's Urban Enterprise Zone. Hmm... why can't I shop in Urban Enterprise Zones for everything? Let's put Ramsey and Paramus into a UEZ! :)

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