Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tarrying in Tarrytown

Benchmark LX1350

Actually been a bit too busy the past two days to write, but I'm catching up. Weather's been hot lately, with temperatures over 80°F during the day. Brought out all the fans from storage. I'll install the window fans later this season.

Yesterday afternoon, I visited benchmark LY2268, which was on the grounds of the Don Bosco Prep School in Ramsey. Must be one heck of a school to have their own USGS benchmark and 9/11 memorial! (It was a few steps from the benchmark. Don't mean to make light of that but it's not something I thought I would see at a high school!)

Yesterday evening, I went for the Chop Some Wood geocache in Tarrytown. It's on the shore of the Tarrytown Reservoir, near Fordham University. (Marymount campus) After that, I took a walk in downtown Tarrytown and visited 3 benchmarks: LX1003, LX1350, and LX4101, all of them along a 0.2-mile stretch of US-9.

And this evening, I visited two benchmarks closer to home: LY2271, next to Franklin Turnpike in Allendale, and LY2270, next to Franklin Turnpike in Ramsey. The nice thing about benchmarks is I can find them on the spur of the moment by getting the coordinates, recovery notes, and driving directions (often provided in the recovery notes) on my cell phone. And that's pretty much what I've been doing all this while.
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