Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey, Westchester, Long Island

It was quite a weekend because it took until Tuesday to finish writing logs for the geocaches and I haven't even started on the photos yet!

Now that the weather's getting warmer, there is quite a bit of activity out there. Ran into 4 geocachers: KBer on Saturday, and H2"O", Tatanka49, and RED 5 on Sunday. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also led to a lot more traffic on the roads and a major traffic delay caused me to take a longer route home (through Westchester to the Tappan Zee Bridge because traffic at the George Washington Bridge wasn't moving at all!) Sunday night.

Saturday began with five puzzle caches in the South Mountain area by Sue and Barry. I'd solved the puzzles during the week or earlier, so all I needed to do was go to the coordinates from those puzzles. "TaxMan" required a bit of on-the-spot calculation (filling out a tax form... Argh! :) ) but it still wasn't difficult. Later in the day, I headed over to North Brunswick to do a whole lot more geocaches, mostly by Moosejuice. While driving around there, I came across a Wawa store at Route 27 and Cozzens Lane. Great! I didn't know there was one in that town, and I'm pretty sure I can remember how to find it again later. So that will be useful. Anyway, that's where I had dinner because I hadn't been to a Wawa in a while.

On Sunday, I started going down through Westchester to pick up two geocaches before heading into Long Island. The first cache I did in Long Island, "BK-2 Rockaway Ave", involved climbing a tree. I'm bad at climbing trees so I didn't know if I could do this one. However, this tree has thick low branches and once I saw how easy it was to step up, in no time at all, I was pretty high up and I actually climbed way past the geocache. Oops. Had to climb down a bit to get it. The rest of the day was less eventful. "LIHI Lunch" was at the All-American Hamburger Drive-In, a pretty neat burger place with reasonably-priced food. It reminded me of Red Rooster in Patterson. I'll have to remember that place for next time. I only had a chocolate shake there because I'd already gotten lunch. Dinner was at the LJS in Hicksville.


Chicken Savoy, the Unofficial State Dish of N.J. (New Jersey)
Kama Sutra Redux (New Jersey)
TaxMan (New Jersey)
Hustling for Spending Money at Brooklyn College! (New Jersey)
South Mountain Reservation Dog Park Cache (New Jersey)
I'm On Fire!!! Part II (New Jersey)
Math Teacher (New Jersey)
Frodo's Frustration (New Jersey)
Spider Solitaire (New Jersey)
NB^C: Brunswick Knolls (New Jersey)
Billy Goat's Gruff (New Jersey)
The Three Blind Mice: Part 2 (New Jersey)
The Three Blind Mice: Part 3 (New Jersey)
The Three Blind Mice: Part 1 (New Jersey)
The Big Cheese (New Jersey)


New Macy Micro (nano) (New York)
Benchmark Series #3 (New York)
BK-2 Rockaway Ave. (New York)
Bay Park 2 (New York)
MAM's Micro #58 - Baldwin (New York)
MAM's Micro #57 - Freeport (New York)
MAM's Micro #55 - Merrick (New York)
MAM's Micro #56 - Bellmore (New York)
LIHI Lunch (New York)
MAM's Micro #54 - Uniondale (New York)
Abe Levit Field (New York)
MAM's Micro #59 - Bethpage (New York)
MAM's Micro #60 - Plainview (New York)
MAM's Micro #61 - Old Bethpage (New York)
Trail View State Park (New York)
Trailview Tangent (New York)
MAM's Micro #62 - West Hills (New York)
NE II 152 (New York)


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