Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island MAM Tour

Milburn Pond

It was a rainy day, although not too bad until late in the afternoon. Because of the rain and the cold front, it was around 60°F all day, the kind of weather I like. Seems like there's a new crop of MAM geocaches every week and this week was no exception. Of the 16 caches I found, 13 were placed by mmacgown. In addition, I got FTF on 5 of them because those cache listings showed up just this morning!

At New Cassel, the park supervisor gave me a hard time, saying that I was "surveying" and that I needed a permit from the town to do "surveying". WTF? Hate to break it to him but in all likelihood, his park already shows up in Google Satellite. Anyway, I kept saying that I wasn't surveying, that it was a public park, and that I wasn't doing anything wrong, until he relented. But he still wanted to copy some information from my geocache printout. While he went back to the park office to get a pen and paper, I found the cache. After I was done with the cache, I went over to the park office and handed him the cache printout, and that was that.

Ran into RED 5 near his cache, Sunnyside Travelodge. I love how this coincidences occur. This is the same as what happened last weekend, when I ran into him, also near one of his caches.

Earlier in the day, MAM's Garden City Park cache had bad coordinates. I knew that because the map showed a location next to the Clearview Expressway in Queens. So I skipped past that cache on my first pass through the area. After the 15th cache of the day, I was about to head home when I thought about checking the cache page on my cell phone. I saw that new coordinates had been posted, so I altered my route home to pass by the cache (ordinarily, I wouldn't go home by way of Garden City :) ) and all was well. And that's why wireless web is useful to have.

Since I was close to the Nassau/Queens border by that time, I went back to NJ for dinner. The last time I went to Baja Fresh in Hackensack, I got a coupon for $5 off a $10 purchase, but only on the weekends. I hadn't been able to use it since because I don't usually go that way on the weekend. Well, this time was special, so I was able to take advantage of the coupon. Funny thing is my order came to $10.04, so with $5 off, it was almost a 50% discount. Nice!


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