Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Great Strides - Point Pleasant Beach

Did a mascot gig today with Damian, Dreamwolf, jbadger, schulo, and Stray at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides event in Point Pleasant Beach.

Our changing area was the backstage part of the bandshell. We had the same DJ as the previous Great Strides event in Cranford. There was music and a dance. I think it was a good crowd. Some children were a bit too clingy, so my technique for handling that was to bring the clingy children over to the rest of our mascot group to spread around the clinginess. Also, one girl asked to be carried and I did. (Well, she just sat on my arm.) Wonder if anyone got pictures because a dog carrying a kid would be something different.

Also got some... uhh, interesting questions from the kids. One kid, who was probably only a 2nd grader, pointed to Stray and I, and asked if we were married. Then she asked if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Then she asked if we were having puppies. Okay, maybe next time I should bring Plush Husky.

The only bad part was towards the end of the event when some kids started getting rough and the tail-pulling began. I took it as a sign that I should quit for the day and get out of costume. It's my Rule of Tail (as opposed to Rule of Thumb :) ): when the tail-pulling begins, the show's over. (The tail on this costume actually is constructed to withstand some amount of pulling -- well, it has to, the way it sticks out -- but I'd rather not test its limits.)

After the gig, we relaxed at Schulo's parents' house nearby and ordered pizza delivery. After that, jbadger and I went for some geocaches on the way home. What's interesting is "Just Hangin Around" was actually located right in the middle of the event area. We logged it after the event while schlepping our stuff back to our cars.


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