Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Meal Ticket

Milburn Pond

I received an email inquiry today from a reporter at Wall Street Journal Online asking if they could follow a geocacher on a cache hunt with a video camera for an online video piece. I replied to the email but at this time, I'm not sure if I'll be the one doing this. I may refer them to another local geocacher who's free on weekdays since they would like to do the videotaping on a weekday. I've actually done something like that before. At the April Fooling the Muggles event two months ago, I led a camera crew to a few caches in Lorimer Park, explaining a thing or two along the way.

This evening, I went to Quiznos in Ramsey and had the Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad. Raspberry sauce on a salad is new to me, but that's not the only interesting item I got. While I was there, the Quiznos manager gave me this:

Japanese food ticket

It's a restaurant ticket issued by a hotel in Japan. Apparently, they do have Quiznos there too.

Something else that came to mind today was the issue of liability when performing as a mascot. I actually took care of this last year, but I called GEICO again this evening just to be doubly sure that I'm covered. Anyway, the reason liability is a problem is when you fursuit in public, your vision and mobility are limited and you may knock someone over or trample a kid by accident. If that happens and your victim is litigious, then you could be in for an expensive lawsuit. It's a good idea then to have an insurance company, with its legal department, on your side. At typically under $200 a year for a million dollars of coverage, an excess liability (aka "umbrella") policy is a fairly inexpensive way to protect yourself if you do mascot work. Of course, it's also useful to have for numerous other situations in which you can be sued. (This article offers another reason for liability insurance.)

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