Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Eye Scream


Had a nice evening pursuing a sybaritic lifestyle. First, I visited benchmark KV6807. This one is located on the campus of Montclair State University, near Yogi Berra Museum. Although I'm not a baseball fan, I've been to the museum before, so it was familiar territory when I returned for the benchmark.

The benchmark was but a prelude to the I scream, You scream, We all scream...... 2 geocaching event at the Applegate Farm Ice Cream Store just down the road (and down another road) from Montclair University. It wasn't a big event but it was nice to see some of the local geocachers. I had the a medium-sized Black Forest Crunch. Dave had a monstrous half-gallon sundae, reputedly New Jersey's largest ice cream sundae.

After that, I headed over to downtown Millburn for the "Downtown / Main Street USA": Millburn, NJ geocache, which wasn't too hard to find, even in the dark with a flashlight. Then I visited benchmark KV0674 on a traffic island at an intersection in Millburn. That time of night, the town was pretty quiet, so traffic wasn't a concern.

And finally, I went to the Millburn Diner for a late dinner. I had meatloaf. There was an open wi-fi network in the area at around 30% signal strength. It was a bit flaky but usable, so I logged the geocaches, benchmarks, and trackables while having dinner. When the waitress came by, she said that I type very fast. Well, I progressed beyond hunt-and-peck a long time ago but I think this is only about average for anyone who has been working on a computer for a while.

Last night, JkDefrag took quite a while to finish, so I dozed off just before midnight. When I woke up, it was around 3am so I continued sleeping and actually got more than 9 hours of sleep in total.

Had a somewhat disturbing dream. In this dream, a significant number of people had 3 eyes, two eyes in the usual place and a third one in the middle of the forehead. Having two eyes was considered normal, so there was a stigma to having a third eye. Many 3-eyed people had surgery to remove the third eye. So then one guy came up to me and showed me the scar on his forehead. He said that it was where his third eye used to be. That's when the dream ended.

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