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Ramapo Mountain State Forest

This evening, I went to the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland (NJ, not CA) to visit the 'Po geocache. I could say that I'd been saving it since winter, but in reality, I forgot about it until this week. This one isn't a long hike. From the upper parking area, I got to the cache site in about 10 minutes by following the yellow trail. Then it took longer than 10 minutes to find the cache because the GPS receiver didn't point to the correct area at first. On my way back, I used the woods road and took a little side trip to see this pond.

Then I went back to downtown Ramsey to use another coupon at Subway. I had a turkey and ham sub. The way the coupon works is I get one 6" sub when I purchase one 6" sub and a medium drink. Put the two 6" subs together (I usually get the same kind for both) and I end up with a foot-long. Unfortunately, the sandwich artist misread the coupon and made only one 6" sub at first. So I had to ask him to make another one. He could've saved time by making both of those together. Oh well. I noticed that downtown Ramsey was very busy this evening. With the warmer weather, people are going outside more. I, on the other hand, liked it better when it was 50°F to 60°F.

I get foreign coins in my change quite often. It's an easy mistake to make when those coins are around the same size as US coins. I often don't notice Bermudian and Canadian coins myself until I sort out the coins later. However, that doesn't explain how I got these two British £1 coins. These are twice as thick as US quarters and the person who passed them to me lost quite a bit in the exchange rate!

From fridayfiver:

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Stealth, which I seem to be lacking completely.

2. Which is more attractive to you: physical appearance or personality?
Personality because that's what you have to live with in the end.

3. Who did you last fight with?
The park superintendent at New Cassel last weekend who was giving me a hard time about "surveying" in his park.

4. What did you eat last night?
Sesame chicken, orange chicken, and string beans.

5. Who are you mad about?
I'm not mad at you; I'm mad at the dirt!

From thefridayfive:

1. What is your favorite board game?

2. What is your favorite card game?
Or Uno, if anyone has that.

3. Do you like to play games on the computer or on a gaming system?

4. If so, what is your favorite game to play?
Geocaching, if it's considered a game. Same goes for Where's George.

5. Do you like to play games with people or to play them alone?
Could go either way.

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