Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

West-Central NJ and Lehigh Valley

Long shadow

Another hot day. I did a similar East-to-West sweep, only a bit further South along I-78 instead of I-80. Went from Basking Ridge to the Lehigh Valley, although I didn't do much in the latter area because it started raining heavily, with lightning too. (I took the rain as a cue to go have some fried fish at LJS in Easton, PA. They have good iced tea too.)

As for specifics, I did the set of 5 Bedminster Jogging Trail geocaches. Probably not the best day to do it because it was a 2.5-mile round trip at around the hottest time of the day, but I prevailed. After that I did 5 of Natureboy44's geocaches. He is known for tricky cache hides, so I told myself that if the first one proved to be difficult, I would just skip the rest for reason of time. Well, I found the first one pretty quickly and got sucked in. :) Three of those were hiding techniques that I'd seen before and were thus not a problem. At "Django's Field Trial", however, I was stumped. Just could not figure it out. So I went onwards to "Finnegan's Field Trial" and did that one. Then I came back to "Django's" and found it one second after I put my bag down. There must have been some subconscious thinking going on there because I don't know what prompted that one action that revealed the cache as soon as I got back to it. Glad I don't have to go back, in any case.

At Micros can be Giants 1 in Whitehall, I found the cache on my first try but when I tried to retrieve it, I heard a splashing sound and I ended up with only the velcro. Uh oh. Used my flashlight to check but it's gone for good, or at least until Giant drains that shopping cart return barrier.

Ended the evening at Wawa in Bethlehem. I noticed that they had a cash discount for gasoline (making the price about the same as back home) so I got some. This goes back to the question: if a cash discount has the same effect as a credit card surcharge, why do credit card companies disallow only the latter? Seems to me that the critical difference here is the way you word it because Visa and Mastercard would prefer the vendor cost of credit cards to be hidden from the public. Also, they now have strawberry sundaes, in addition to the usual chocolate fudge.


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