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Not Just Cold... Super Plus Cold!

Not even half a day after I wrote this, there was a major accident on the CT Turnpike (I-95) involving three tractor-trailers and an SUV. Yes, that was an easy call but I wish it weren't so.

The autographed Radio Chick calendar arrived in the mail today. Hee! :) I don't get to listen to much morning radio except when I go out on those early morning cache runs but I wish Q104.3 would switch to an all-talk format for the morning show. Why hire one shock jock and two sidekicks if you're going to play music half the time? I'd listen to PLJ if I wanted the music.

How's the local weather? According to Weather Underground, highs on Saturday will be in the lower 20s. C-c-cold. Highs on Sunday will be in the upper 20s. Still freezing. I think most of tomorrow will be spent seeing exactly how close I can drive to each geocache, and the rest of the time will be spent in Wawa stores getting hot chocolate. :) I want to go to Long Island on Sunday. Hope the roads aren't icy but I intend to take it slow. Not many caches planned.

Got my second hit in South Dakota this morning. Over 3 years for the first SD hit, and one day for the second SD hit. Odd how things work.
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