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Blatting through the week

Ironton Caboose

It's Wednesday already? My, this shorter week is going by quickly!

There was a carnival just up the road this evening. I went there to see if they had funnel cake but they didn't.

Apart from that, I've been using Subway coupons that I got from work, of all places. It's interesting that we now have special discounts at Subway and Boston Market. (Well, discounts at two specific restaurants nearby anyway, not all the restaurants in those chains.) I think we also have a discount at the nearby hotel restaurant, but I don't go there because entrees are $20 for crying out loud! Anyway, here is the tuna sub I had this evening at Subway in Ramsey. All the subs I get at Subway tend to look the same because I order them with all the veggies.

Also, while at Subway, I used the wi-fi connection to figure out how to set up the following on my notebook computer, so I'm posting it here for future reference:

Sending files via Gmail SMTP using Blat and stunnel under Windows

Blat is a command-line utility for sending files via email. Unfortunately, it lacks support for either SSL or TLS, which Gmail requires for outgoing mail. This is where Stunnel comes in.
  1. Download and install Blat from here.
  2. Download and install Stunnel binaries from here.
  3. Configure stunnel by editing stunnel.conf. I set client mode in the global options:
    client = yes
    I also forwarded a local port to Gmail's port 465 in the ssmtp section:
    accept  = 465
    connect =
    I use port 465 locally too because it's one fewer thing to remember, but you can choose any available port number. All other services can be turned off.
  4. Install and start stunnel by running the following:
    stunnel -install
    stunnel -start
    The stunnel icon will appear in the taskbar notification area.
  5. Define a new Blat profile for stunnel:
    blat -install 5 465 stunnel-gmail username password
    where username and password are your Gmail username and password. Notice that the email server for this profile is the loopback address because Blat will be going through the stunnel proxy.
  6. From then on, you can send a file via Gmail SMTP like this:
    blat filename -p stunnel-gmail -to user@domain -base64
See also: GmailSync

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