Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Glenville Triple

Glenville Woods

Headed out to Glenville Woods in Tarrytown this evening to find 3 new geocaches. Thanks to Google Street View, I can show you part of the trip there. So here's a $4 view. :) Also, here's a Tappan Zee Bridge view. I don't think photographing the Tappan Zee Bridge is prohibited yet because it is operated by the NYSTA, not the TBTA, but Google is in a better position than I to sort out the legal mess.

In order, the 3 geocaches were Hiding out in Glenville, Rock Bottom, and Proboscis. I arrived at the park a little later than I would've preferred, so it was a bit of a rush. Fortunately, none of the 3 caches were a long walk and only the 2nd one took more than a trivial amount of searching. On my way out, I took a look at an abandoned building and some goslings.

I still had some Subway coupons, so after I was done with the park, I used the Google Maps app on my cell phone to find a Subway restaurant. There was one not far away in Elmsford, so I went there. I should've picked a different one because the proprietor at the Elmsford Subway was rude. Of course, I got what I ordered and I also got to use the coupon, but the transaction could certainly have gone a lot more smoothly and without accusations from him that I was "printing" or "copying" coupons. If he had politely declined the coupon, I would've just left without acrimony as I did at the Subway restaurants in Park Ridge and Nanuet. Of course, I won't be returning.

K-Meleon 1.1 has been released. It happened more than a week ago so I haven't been keeping up. So far, this release looks pretty stable but I would prefer to wait for a version with tabs instead of layers. Also, they really need to get everything together in one place. It was only through reading the forums that I found out where to download luamacro and AdBlockPlus, two add-ons that I consider essential.

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