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Ride the bee

The weather forecast called for rain. To be honest, so did I because of a mass of incoming dark clouds this afternoon. Then... nothing happened. The sky cleared. It remained hot and sunny. And, in the evening, as planned, I went to the East Irvington Nature Preserve in Irvington (Westchester County) for the Peconic Bay Shrimp geocache. It's just off the Wecquaesgeek (which I can't spell unless I copy and paste it) Trail. Then I went to the viewing platform to look at the pond, which was green like split pea soup.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall to get a few things done and to have dinner. I noticed that the Discovery Channel Store on the 4th floor is holding a going out of business sale. The discount is now at 20%. I'll wait a few weeks for it to get to 50% and then I'll see if there's anything interesting left. One unusual thing I saw is Opus Entertainment (which probably has nothing to do with the penguin) has vacated its premises (on the 4th floor near Target) and there are cease and desist notices on the door warning them to quit breaking in and entering and vandalizing the place. I have no idea what Opus Entertainment was all about but from what I saw while they were still in business, they never had many customers.

Next, I had to go to Pathmark to pick up a more weekly special frozen dinners and store brand crispy rice. Along the way, I just had to stop at the carnival in Upper Saddle River one more time. They still didn't have funnel cake, but they had zeppole. Fattening fried dough covered in sugar. That's good eating.

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