Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester and Astoria, Relay for Life Astoria Park gig

Relay for Life event in Astoria Park

Had a mascot gig at Astoria Park in Queens this afternoon. Had some time before the gig, so I did some geocaching. I also had a choice of two routes: either I go through Westchester and then south to Queens, or go do a cache in Bergen County and then east to Queens. I chose Westchester for this reason: I'm going to pay the same amount in bridge tolls either way, so I might as well tackle the Westchester geocache so that I won't spend that same bridge toll doing the cache as an evening cache on a weekday. (Of course, there'll probably be more popping up in Westchester later. :) )

So I went to the Foothold geocache up in Hawthorne. Then I checked the geocache listings on my cell phone and found that there was another one just a bit further down the trail that I haven't visited. So I did that one too. Then I saw a listing for another one back up the trail and did that too. Went back to parking and checked again, and there was another cache up the hill on the other side of the trail. So I went back out there and did that. Okay, that's enough, I decided. By that time, I was sweating like crazy, although not as much as I would sweat later.

Of course, there was an urban cache just under 2 miles from the gig location, so I did "Gordan Micro Park Micro" quickly and got a slice of pizza (There must be thousands of fried chicken and pizza places all over NYC!) before heading to Astoria Park. Anyway, this mascot gig was for Relay For Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. I was there with Damian and Rez, so our group was rather small this time. I think we did okay despite the heat. (Fursuiting outside in the Summer... we're crazy that way.) This time again, I used the Rule of Tail and stopped when the tail-pulling began, but the event was almost over by that time (8pm) anyway.

I was wondering what to do for dinner on my way back when I got the idea of using the Baja Fresh coupon that I got the last time. The funny thing is each time I use a coupon to get a big discount on chicken nachos, I get another coupon because it's printed right there on the receipt. Presumably, I won't have to pay regular price for as long as this promo continues if I go there on weekends. After having dinner at Baja Fresh in Hackensack, I noticed that there was a Pathmark supermarket nearby so I went and finally got the store brand bulk ice cream that I'd been forgetting to get the whole week.

Got home and found out that I'd gotten closure on a few other pressing matters, so all in all, it was a good day. If only it were 60°F instead of 80°F, but I can't have everything.


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