Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Queens and LI


A combined Queens and Long Island geocache run. Usually, I do one or the other but this time, I did some geocaches in Queens and then headed over to Great Neck and Glen Head, which weren't that far outside of NYC. It rained in the afternoon, heavily at times. The rain made things a bit of a mess but on the plus side, the temperature dropped to around 66°F, which was pretty good for this time of the year. Actually, the rain wasn't much of a bother. What was annoying was when I was attacked by small flies at the "Candyland" geocache, which was at Pryibil Beach in Glen Cove. I thought the rain would stop the insects from swarming but apparently not.

Picked up a free taquito from 7-Eleven in Little Neck. I was just making a stop for the Sunday paper when I remembered that I had 7-Eleven coupons. So does food taste better when it's free? Well, I haven't had very many taquitos but this is the best one yet. (It's probably been rolling around the whole day in that little display case by the cash register.)

Parking in Flushing Center is free on Sunday, so that's where I went for dinner. It's been a while since I've been there. This time, I went to Sentosa, a Malaysian restaurant on Prince St. (On my previous trip to Flushing, I went to Green Papaya, also a Malaysian restaurant and also on Prince St.) The ambience at Sentosa is actually pretty good. The restaurant wasn't crowded this evening, although that may be because of the weather. Like a fancy restaurant, the menu prices had neither dollar signs nor cents. Fortunately, prices were reasonable and competitive with Green Papaya. I had Cantonese Chow Fun, Roti Canai, and Pulut Hitam. The verdict? The Cantonese Chow Fun at Sentosa is not quite as good as Green Papaya's rendition of the same dish, but it's good enough. Note that so far, all Malaysian restaurants I've visited in the NYC tri-state area have fallen short in the roti canai department. The "roti", from what I remember in the old country, is supposed to be thick and fluffy. Instead, they all tend to make it thin and crisp.


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