Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rockefeller and Roll

Rockefeller State Park

Went to Rockefeller State Park in Pleasantville this evening to find the Rocky Road geocache. Didn't I just go there on Saturday? Well yes, but this cache seemed closer to the Route 448 parking location than the official parking area on Route 117. "Seemed" is the operative word here because once I got onto the carriage road, I saw that it actually took the long way around some pastures before heading into the woods. Then, I comically took the wrong trail and had to bushwhack through the woods and cross a stream to get to the correct location. But once I was there, it was pretty simple.

After that, I went to Palisades Center. I never knew that reading blogs would help with shopping but I got a tip on some $15 sneakers and there happened to be a Steve and Barry's store in the mall. Remarkably, the first pair of shoes I saw was the correct size. I did check the other shelves and there was only one other pair in size 15. The design is a bit weird, but after the first time I get mud on these, they'll look the same as any other pair of shoes that I have. :)

I then went to the food court for dinner after dismissing several other possibilities. (I just couldn't deal with sit-down restaurants tonight.) On my 3rd visit to the "cajun" place for their $3.99 special, I must have transitioned from being a faceless customer to being a "regular". How could I tell? Because they gave me extra food at no charge! Well, that's rather nice of them.
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