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Polar Bear Cache Dash

Very cold today. It barely hit 20°F in the afternoon out in the suburbs. When I started from home, it was 4°F and I bagged the first two caches at around 7°F. (before coming across any Wawa stores) Contrary to expectations, I managed to get five caches in South Jersey today. The cold really isn't so bad once you get moving.

Started the day at Hey, there are pigeons in that swamp!. Pretty straightforward cache provided you use the improved coordinates provided by another cacher. At 7°F, I was surprised my GPS worked. Can't say the same for my brain because I went all the way around when I should have just checked in the obvious hiding spot. Still, it was easy. As cold as it was, I saw a few other park visitors on my way out. As I pulled out of the park, I noticed that they were walking across the frozen lake!

Next was Charms & Chains. Very interesting location. It's a pet cemetery. One section is devoted to police dogs that served in the Trenton PD. I've found caches hidden in cemeteries before but this pet cemetery is a first time for me.

Headed up I-295/I-95 to Veteran's Memorial Cache in Ewing. This is a replacement cache for a multicache in the same area that was plundered. I didn't get a chance to find the original cache but at least I got this one.

Went down I-295 to Truck 541 (funny that you can drive a car on the truck route) to Old York Road and then to the CHRISTMAS CACHE. Yes, it is Christmas again in January. Very easy find... maybe too easy. Large cache right on the path? I'd probably just trip on it.

Went down Route 541 past Mount Holly to Caboose at the Mill. Another very easy large cache barely hidden by the stuff that's supposed to cover it. I noticed that mopar had signed in earlier today. Nice to know I'm not the only nut going out caching on a frigid day like this.

Came back home via the NJ Turnpike. There was an accident at Exit 13A. Pretty bad one too because they got an ambulance. But it's part of I-95 so whaddaya expect?

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