Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Westchester on a weekday


It was at the ideal temperature of 60°F outside most of the day! There was a small chance of rain, but that didn't faze me. So, after picking up a package at the post office this evening, I headed over to Hastings-on-Hudson in Westchester County to find the Benchmark Series #2 geocache. I parked on the road for this one because the cache was apparently mere feet away from the pavement? It's a good thing I suspected something was amiss because when I checked the geocache listing on my cell phone (more about that below), I noticed that the coordinates had changed since the geocache listing was published and it was actually about 500 feet further into the woods.

Even after I was in the correct location, it wasn't necessarily an easy find. There were many rock crevices around and a bunch of trees, both standing and fallen, with holes in them. After poking at almost everything there, and flushing out a woodland critter or two (There were rabbits everywhere.), I found the small geocache.

After that, I went to Palisades Center. After taking care of some payments, I went to the food court for the $3.99 special at the "cajun" stand. If this seems exactly like the last couple of trips to this mall, that's because it is. Of all the food in the mall, that's the only thing that comes close to being reasonably priced. Seriously. All the other stands in the food court would easily have you spending $7 to $8 for the simplest items. The sitdown restaurants in the mall are worse. Inflation takes the fun out of everything.

Opera Mini can't log in to I think it started having problems after the most recent gc website changes. There are discussion threads about that here, here, and even on the Opera Mini forum here, but no solutions yet. So, to get the cache info this evening, I used the geocaching WAP site at The latter has a few quirks too, so I hope something is done about the main site.

Incidentally, there is an Opera Mini demo in case you're curious about the interface. The demo also has problems logging into, so it's quite an accurate simulation. :)
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