Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island, then Jersey Shore

Sandy place

Hot weekend. Temperatures were 80°F and above both days.

Went to Long Island on Saturday. I wasn't having much luck with geocaches in urban parks and urban areas because of large crowds. Then I tried some geocaches in wooded areas and that was much better. 8 of the caches, mostly placed for a CITO event I didn't attend, were in Tackapausha Preserve. As I'd known from past experience, accessing this preserve is a matter of finding openings in the fence close to each cache site, so I didn't walk more than 0.1 of a mile for any of those 8 caches.

I'd planned to go to the famous All-American Hamburger Drive-in in Massapequa, but I saw a big crowd and decided it wasn't worth the wait. Went to LJS in Hicksville for dinner.

On Sunday, I did a few geocaches in Central Jersey and more down the shore in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The day went from zero to hero and then back to zero. I'll explain. The first "zero" was at Johnson Park Multi. Apparently, someone took a dump recently in the grass and weeds near the cache site, with predictable result when I got there. Fortunately, there was a stream nearby to wash my shoes.

Count Basie Cache wasn't in a great spot either. I had to crawl under the bushes to get to it. I found a cell phone in a spot under the bushes where only a geocacher crawling in would've gone, but I haven't figured out who the owner is yet.

The best part came towards the end of the day. There was a nice collection of geocaches around Brick, Dover, and Manchester with a flavor of pine barrens adventure. Then I came across a Wawa store and an Arby's that I don't think I've seen before on a stretch of Route 70, and that took care of dinner, chocolate milk, and gas.

The second "zero" came when I got home and read the logs and new description for Eternity's Treasure - lights and sirens!!! Apparently, someone had been stopped by the police while getting onto the sand road, so that whole area may be illegal to enter. What did the cache owner do? The cache owner didn't archive or disable the cache and didn't make an attempt to find out the status of that land. Instead, his supposed remedy was to raise the difficulty rating to 5 and add "lights and sirens" to the cache name. I can't believe this! Criminal trespass is a serious issue. Besides, if there are too many run-ins with the police, the municipality may decide to ban or limit geocaching and that will spoil the fun for everyone.

Saturday's Geocaches

ParkWay Revisited (New York)
Forest City (New York)
City Limits (New York)
T.P. #5 - Northern Terminus (New York)
T.P. #3 - Ice Pond (New York)
T.P. #4 - Out on a Limb (New York)
Tackapausha North (New York)
T.P. #2 - Black Duck Pond (New York)
9GKS - Hang In There TP (New York)
T.P. #1 - Racoon Retreat (New York)
Arrasquaugh (New York)
Mansfield Remembered (New York)
Firefighter Cache and Carry (New York)
Beekman's Beach (New York)
MAM's Micro #83 - Beekman's Beach (New York)

Sunday's Geocaches

Assembly Plant Blues (New Jersey)
Johnson Park Multi (New Jersey)
The Geek Cache (New Jersey)
Timanus (New Jersey)
Count Basie Cache (New Jersey)
Tiggr Woods (New Jersey)
Cache -n- Carry (New Jersey)
Tun Looks at 30 (New Jersey)
Piglet's Secret Treasure (New Jersey)
Grand Army Cache (New Jersey)
Eternity In Pine Lake (New Jersey)
Eternity's Treasure - lights and sirens!!! (New Jersey)


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