Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Busy Tuesday

Tackapausha Preserve

Received the latest Sprint phone bill today. I notice that with discounts and everything, I'm now paying $35 a month before taxes. Compared to the SERO plan, it's only a $5 difference per month, so I may just let the current plan finish before switching to SERO. Most (heck, nearly all!) of my phone usage is data, so I don't need the 200 extra minutes in SERO's $30 plan.

Speaking of Opera Mini, Opera Mini 4 beta is out now and it solves the login problem that I hit in Opera Mini 3.1, but only as long as I don't check the "Remember me" option when logging in with the 4 beta. Not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.

I've probably overlooked this thousands of times in the documentation page, but I noticed yesterday that the default ActivePerl setup already includes DBD::SQLite. Great! I can use it in my projects without any additional package setup. So earlier today, I reimplemented the Flickr 10 million photos group stats script's data store as a SQLite database. (It used to be 400 text files and growing!) Even with my admittedly minimal experience with SQLite, it took only about 20 minutes to put in the DBI calls and the end result is quite elegant and fast. (Not that speed matters. Most of the time the script takes is spent waiting for Flickr to respond anyway, but it does cut down on disk usage.)

I have two things to stitch: a small rip in the husky fursuit and a hole in my pants pocket. (or I just could buy new pants like a normal person :) ) Also busy preparing for something crazy later this week.

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