Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Why I'm Not a Food Critic... on Google

Forest City Park

I found out today that Google added a "Write a Review" feature to Google Maps. So that's what I did today for some stores and restaurants in my area (which, for some reason, includes parts of South Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Long Island :) ) and you can see the result here. I'm nowhere close to being done with this yet because I'm sure that I can remember many more places I've been to. However, I should probably limit my reviews to places I've visited within the past year or so because any experience I've had before that may not reflect the way things are now.

Also, I got this error popup...

Dr. Watson crash

K-Meleon crashed while I was invoking a tricky luamacro. The Dr. Watson debugger came up and then Dr. Watson itself crashed!

Haha! Debugger, debug thyself! :)

Okay, I probably should get some sleep now in order to wake up at 3am tomorrow.

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