Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Southwest Connecticut

Parker Memorial Park - Obey the Signs!

I had more than one geocache info pack prepared. I was wavering between South Jersey and Connecticut when I got an email from The Ax this morning with the coordinates to his "Ax Mystery" geocache. It's a puzzle cache but it appears that one of the ways to get the final coordinates is to discover the Ax Event Travel Bug, which I did at Geo Jamboree earlier this month. So, since "Ax Mystery" is in Connecticut, then Connecticut it is!

Good weather. Not too hot, but more importantly, the humidity was low and there was a breeze. Enroute to Connecticut, I did a few geocaches in the town of Rye in Westchester. Since I hadn't been to SW Connecticut in a while, it took until the 11th cache of the day before I got to "Ax Mystery" and that was the furthest east I went today.

Dinner was fish and chips at Duchess in Darien.

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