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Long Walks on Long Island

Went to Long Island for geocaching today as planned. Got four caches. I'm finally getting to all of the time-consuming LI caches. Three of them involved a lot of walking, and of those, two are multi-stage. Temperatures never got above 30°F today but compared to yesterday, this is warm. Nevertheless I got a cramp in my left leg when I was mere feet from the third cache and 1.2 miles from the parking area. Augh! Fortunately, it went away quickly and I was able to continue. Good grief. At this rate, I will just collapse somewhere one day. Then again, that's why I bring the phone and a whistle.

RPA-30 was my first cache today. It is in the Teddy Roosevelt Sanctuary in Oyster Bay. Arrived just at the official opening time but the gate wasn't open. Fortunately, the staff entrance was open so I went in that way. There are some bird cages near the Nature Center. The eagle kept flying and slamming into the cage for some reason then it stood on its perch and made clicking noises, which I had no idea an eagle could make. This morning, I'm glad it's not on the outside. Short walk for this one and then an easy find.

Next was RPA-29 in the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. I believe this is the third cache in the arboretum now but it is the first one located at the North end. Followed the waterside trail to get to the cache and that was a pretty long walk. The shape of the bay makes you go a bit out of the way to get across. Another easy find. I took a different trail back to the parking area but I doubt that was any shorter.

RPA-5 in Connetquot State Park came next. This park requires permits for hiking but I asked the parking booth attendant and she said it was okay to go in. So who knows? This is also one of the few parks that collects a parking fee during the winter. This cache requires a pretty long walk of about 2.5 miles round trip. I don't think I helped matters by taking the longer bridle path instead of the main trail. But, as with all Bayonets4u caches, I had no problem finding both stages of the cache.

MM-2 "Law of Averages" was next. This cache has four stages. Done optimally, I don't think it is more than a 1.2 mile round trip but you would tend to rack up a lot of distance wandering around trying to find each of the stages. Because of the cache guardians serving as markers, finding each of the stages wasn't much of a problem. All the components were uncovered and so it was just a matter of looking in the right place.


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