Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tri-State Treasures

Delaware River

Went to Airport Park in Matamoras, PA, this afternoon to attend the Tri-State Treasures geocaching picnic event. (Tri-states here refers to where Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey meet. We were not far from that point.) It was somewhat of a last-minute decision because I didn't find out about the event until a few days ago. I'm glad I went because it was well-attended and a fun time with lots of food generously provided by everyone, including a chocolate/vanilla cake that was a map of the surrounding area with geocaches marked by pieces of chocolate. I ate two geocaches, some Delaware River, and portions of Pennsylvania and New York. :)

After the geocaching picnic, I went out geocaching with Unnamed. (If his geocaching name is Unnamed, how could he be unnamed? A paradox worthy of Godel, Escher, Bach.) I did the driving, while he navigated, and both of us did the searching. Except for a few tough ones, we found the geocaches quickly. I also took him to some geocaches that I'd already visited. Along the way, we ran into other geocaching teams from the picnic who were also doing cache marathons in the area. On the last cache, which was a multicache that we did just after dusk, we were joined by a team from New York. We joined forces and ended up with a 5-person group FTF on that one. It was a remarkable team effort because we overcame both the darkness and the tough first stage. Then we all decided to end our geocaching spree right there and then on a high note.

After that, I had dinner at McDonald's in Montague, NJ, which was just about the only restaurant still open at that time of night in the tri-states area. I had actually planned on going to Stewart's in Matamoras but they closed early on Sunday.


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