Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Franklin Lakes Friday

High Mountain Park

Looks like I missed two days of updates. What's the matter with me? :)

Yesterday evening's little excursion was to High Mountain Park in North Haledon. I went for the Three Block Falls geocache, which was just a quarter of a mile walk in from the road. It's a nice location, even if the falls didn't have much water at the time.

After that, I visited Benchmark AA5224, which was next to the Route 208 / I-287 ramp in Franklin Lakes. Fortunately, I did not have to stop on the highway to view the benchmark. It was actually on the non-highway side of the fence and easily accessible from a residential road.

The Nokia 770 Tablet was released in the second half of 2005. At the time, I thought it was a neat gadget but I balked at the price. (It was $360 at the time.) This week, it came out on Woot at a 64% discount, so I finally caved in and got one. Of course, it's already one product generation behind the state of the art because the Nokia N800 came out earlier this year, but at that price, I could make room for another toy.

Anyway, the Nokia 770 arrived yesterday morning. Setup was quite easy and in very little time, I had it connected to my home wireless network. It handles all the usual websites I visit adequately with some caveats. I noticed that it had trouble logging into, but the workaround was easy: I disabled Javascript temporarily for the login page and it got in. (This is the same login problem I encountered using Opera Mini on my cell phone, except that this version of Opera Mini doesn't offer a way to turn off Javascript. So the workaround I use there is to access through Skweezer.) I also noticed that the 770's web browser can get bogged on heavy, layout-intensive web pages. Fortunately, has a stripped-down mobile version.

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