Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Foley Gardens

Pretty good weather on Sunday. Not too hot or humid. Traffic around New York City and Long Island was also surprisingly light for a Summer weekend.

Did 18 geocaches, which is more than I expected. By around 6pm, I'd finished the batch in Nassau County that I'd planned to do. I decided then that there was still enough time to hop over to Queens and get a few more in Forest Park. Those were easy too, except for one that was within feet of a game of drunken bocce. (Really. Some people were playing bocce at the playground in Forest Park and there were open bottles of alcohol. Fortunately, no one noticed when I dragged the cache out from under where they were keeping the beer.)

I think one of the caches crossed over the line into private property. I can understand if a cache is in a strip mall parking lot, where you may have a reason to be there. But one that I did yesterday was a magnetic keyholder stuck on an air conditioner (behind a window grill) on a building in Queens. Unless that's the cache owner's store or unless the cache owner has permission, I don't think this kind of placement is legitimate. Besides, the neighbors are going to suspect something after the first few cachers visit this one.

Had lunch (more of a late-afternoon snack, really) at the All American Drive-In in Massapequa. On my previous trip there, I didn't go in because the line was long. The line was long this time too but not as long. So I got a fish fillet sandwich, onion rings, and a strawberry shake. I didn't think there was anything spectacular about the food, so I'm not sure why this place is popular. However, their prices are low and often, that's the only the reason you need.

For dinner, I'd planned on going to Flushing Chinatown, but in the end, I just went home and had a Stouffer's turkey club panini.


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