Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 0, continued, and Day 1

After dinner last night, I decided to go to Furry Tales the Musical. It was at a theater five blocks away from the hotel and not affiliated with the convention. I was on the fence about going to this musical because yesterday night's performance was only a staged reading. Although the actors were still reading from scripts, they had all the music and songs in so it was already quite entertaining. Having had no experience attending musicals, I don't have any standard by which to judge the production, but I have to say that the story focuses too much on the lifestyler aspect of furry and brings up some uncomfortable stereotypes. So I can't give it a full thumbs up.

This morning, marauderosu and I had breakfast at the Steel City Diner and we were joined midway by jbadger after his staff meeting. Then, we went to the opening ceremonies. (Boy, how much have we done already before the con started?) After that, I took a look at the Dealer's Room for a bit but found it to be too crowded. Then I got into the husky fursuit and went to a bunch of fursuit-related programming: the Fursuit Dance panel, the Fursuit Meet and Greet, and the Fursuit Performance panel. Very interesting, but a pretty long time to be in costume!

For dinner, jbadger, marauderosu, and I went to Fernando's, just a block down the road. This sub and pizza place is having Anthrocon Specials once again this year. We returned to the hotel and I stopped by at Firestormsix's room party briefly and met firestormsix, Hunter, chmarr, and terminotaur.

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