Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Going Home from Pittsburgh

Checked out and left the hotel shortly after 9am. jbadger (and also flykat and John, who were riding with him) used the same route as I to go back. (Route 28 and then I-80, although I modified that a little by heading up Route 66 from New Bethlehem in order to add 3 geocaches to my route) So we met up twice along the way, once at Plyler's Buffet in Brookville and once, by coincidence, at the Snow Shoe rest area. I made a stop at the rest area to refill my water bottle just when he was leaving after having done the geocache there.

Anyway, I found 17 geocaches on my way home and turned an 8-hour drive into a 15-hour drive. There was also a lot more construction on I-80 Eastbound than there was on I-80 Westbound and that didn't help. However, taking some time to geocache off the interstate and see some of the small towns added a nice touch to the trip. I also met a cache owner while geocaching in Mill Hall. He placed the cache on the side of his house and I happened to be signing in when he got home in the evening. Nice fellow and I hope to find more of his caches the next time I travel to Pittsburgh.

Dinner was at the Long John Silver's / A&W co-branded restaurant in White Haven at I-80 Exit 277. Next time, if I'm having a late dinner, I should go to the Wawa store across the street instead. They were somewhat disorganized at the LJS, possibly because of the late hour.
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