Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey Ramble and Saddle Brook Stride

Apparently, a few interesting pieces of mail arrived while I was away. I received a Columbia Fair Fund Settlement check in the amount of $69.81. I also got a rebate check from Sprint for $200, which I did not expect them to send because they themselves told me I was not eligible. So that brings the price of the phone down to negative $100. Of course, that's not the way the rebate is supposed to work, but since it's in my favor, I won't complain. I'll consider it compensation for putting up with their insane billing system. :)

And finally, I got a recall notice from Nikon saying that the camera I'd been using all along could melt and burn my hands. Gee, thanks. Of course, the serial number on my camera has already worn off so I have to contact them to see if there is another way to find out if this camera is one of those affected by the defect.

It's a heat wave. So, like a madman, I went out this evening to find a few geocaches. MacFarran and Trolley to Town were both in Ramsey, just a few miles from home. I knew the latter location but not the former. So I used aerial photos to figure out how to get to MacFarran Field. Access to the park wasn't obvious because it is at the end of a road connecting a bunch of office complexes. After those two geocaches, I still had time before dusk, so I headed over to St. Mary's Cemetery in Saddle Brook for the Granite City geocache. That was a super-quick cache to find once I got there.

After that, I used a coupon from a sheet of Popeye's coupons to get chicken strips at their northern Paramus location.

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