Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday the 13th

Closter Nature Center

Friday the 13th turned out to be a good day for geocaching and a bad day for getting anything else done. In the afternoon, I went for tree hugger's Cache in the Stevens Avenue Park in Ridgewood. This was actually pretty easy, no matter which way you approach it. I got FTF on it, but only by 2 minutes. While I was still at the cache site, cgmoyer came in from a different direction. Nice to meet a new geocacher.

In the evening, I went for Closter Nature Center 1. It was at the Closter Nature Center in Closter, of course. Had a bit of trouble finding the trailhead but once I did, the rest was a piece of cake. There were some planks to walk on along the way but even the non-plank portion of the trail wasn't muddy. After that, I went to Hillsdale for KFC because, as always, I had coupons.

I got closure on the camera issue. Nikon tech support got back to me saying to check the box for a second copy of the serial number. (The serial number on the camera had worn off.) So I did, and I entered the number at the website. No, this camera is not among those affected by the manufacturing defect. So if it melts, that will be for a different reason. :)

There is something rusty either in the DLCC or the Westin. (Yeah, I know. That really narrows it down!) While doing the laundry, I noticed that the gloves of both fursuits had rust stains. Fortunately, this seems to be the kind of stain that comes out easily in the wash. Since the stain was on the inside of the fingers, I would guess it came from a handrail somewhere.

From fridayfiver:

1. What do you do?
Answer Friday fives.

2. What makes you pay attention?
Imminent danger. And also free ice cream.

3. What's your inspiration?
Imminent danger. And also free ice cream. :)

4. Do you believe in magic?
Depends on how you define it. Supernatural, no. Sleight of hand, yes. That other kind of magic where we invade Pittsburgh with our fursuits and leave the locals bewildered... uhh.

5. What is your favorite subject to write about?
Geocaching. And also why ice cream costs so darn much.

From fridayfiver:

1. Have you ever gone fishing?
No, but I used a rod and reel once to retrieve a geocache.

2. Do you have an aquarium?
No, but my family had one 25 years ago.

3. Do you eat fish?
Frequently. Especially if it is fried.

4. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?

5. What do you think of Sushi?
I'd eat that too.

From thefridayfive:

1. What sets you apart from your friends?
Having too many hobbies and doing more in each of those than any sane person would do.

2. What sets you apart from your family?

3. What sets you apart from your coworkers/fellow students?
You name it.

4. What is the one thing about you that is most unique?
DNA? Fingerprint pattern? Retinal pattern?

5. What is your most interesting quality?
It would be narcissistic to answer that myself, so I'll leave the question for you.

From manonica:

01. Which of these annoying things should be against the law? Loud cellphone talking, standing too close behind someone in line, bad breath?
There should not be laws against any of those. Someone is annoying? Just speak up and tell him so.

02. Which of these is the best stress reliever? A massage, a martini, a nap?
Rest would be good.

03. If you had to give up something for a month, what would it be? Your car, electricity or hot water?
Why couldn't I use electricity to heat water? You can't really give up hot water if you still have electricity. (unless you misplaced your electric kettle)

04. It's an hour to your dinner party at home and you burn the roast. Do you order take-out, take your guests out to dinner, slice off the burnt part of the roast and make the most of it?
We would've gone out to eat anyway. I don't cook roasts and my place is not great for entertaining.

05. Which do you prefer? A strand of fresh water pearls, a TiVo or a the newest Canon digital camera?
How about a non-melting Nikon digital camera? :)

From manonica:

1. What's the one non-monetary thing that you'd most want to have in life?
Peace of mind.

2. What was the best thing about your youth?
Top of the class nearly all the time. Food in the old country, although I didn't appreciate it as much at the time.

3. What was the worst thing about your youth?
Squalid conditions in schools back in the old country. Getting sick frequently.

4. What are you most looking forward to as you age?
Senior discounts! And also gaining the ability to tell long-winded pointless stories about the old days.

5. What are you least looking forward to as you age?
Economic destruction as we face the $50 Trillion Federal fiscal gap. Also, worsening eyesight.

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