Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Night Moves

I-87/I-287 Westbound at night

It was a hot day and the rain won't come until tomorrow at the earliest.

In the evening, I went to Essex Park in Montclair for the Micro Near My House geocache. In my excitement (At least, I think it could've been excitement. Or forgetfulness.), I left the GPS in the car. But that didn't matter because it was a very easy hide and the cache was in the first place I looked. After that, I went to the Chinese supermarket in River Edge again for takeout dinner.

Got home. Did the laundry. Logged the geocache. Uploaded the photos. Then I noticed that a new geocache, Someone is Tappan the Phone, had popped up not too far away in Nyack. I already knew where it would be from the description because I'd seen that bank of payphones on the side of I-287/I-87 many times before. The only catch was in order to get to the correct side of the highway, I had to go across the Tappan Zee Bridge to Westchester, make a U-turn, and then come back across the Tappan Zee Bridge again.

No matter. I just took a leisurely drive out and back. Parked next to that cache and it was a quick grab. Did a bit of night photography. Then I went to the 24-hour supermarket for that 5-quart tub of ice cream that I'd been forgetting to pick up.
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