Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island - Further and Tougher

I'd finished most of the easy and closer Long Island geocaches last weekend, so that left geocaches that were more difficult and further to the east. So it was a day with some interesting challenges, both in search difficulty and in terrain. That didn't mean I couldn't use alternative approaches to tackle those geocaches though. For one cache that was up in a tree, I moved a picnic table closer in order to get to it without climbing the tree. Another cache had its coordinates hidden in a stereogram. (aka "Magic Eye" puzzle) I did a web search and found stereogram-solving software. (I was surprised too. I didn't know such software existed until I looked for it.) Cheating? No, it's just that there are ways to solve the problem that the cache owner may not have considered.

Aside from those, there were a few geocaches in swampy areas that were tricky to get to without getting muddy. One geocache was in a wooded area with no trails. There, I was only a few hundred feet from the cache site when I tripped and fell into a poison ivy patch. No rash though. At sunset, I had 13 cache finds. So I went a bit further up Route 347 and added two easy caches to make the total 15, just like yesterday.

I'd planned on going to Flushing Chinatown for dinner but a 20-mile traffic delay heading into Queens changed my mind. So instead, I had fried fish at the Long John Silver's in Hicksville.


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