Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rain-soaked Odyssey

SCCC Nature Preserve

It rained today. Hard. There actually were a bunch of new geocaches not too far away but I just did this one: Brookdale Micro at Brookdale Park in Fair Lawn. I knew it would be easy and quick enough that I wouldn't get wet in the rain. (Not that it has been an issue before.)

After that, I visited benchmark KV0149, which was on top of a bridge over the then rain-swollen Saddle River. Luckily, there wasn't any flooding yet.

I've had a statr for Flickr chart on my Flickr profile for a while now to track photostream views. I noticed that there was a spike in the chart on July 14:

statr chart

I wonder what happened there. Maybe that's the day people noticed that I had posted my photos from Anthrocon.

Sold some Johnson Controls stock last week because I thought the rally was overdone. I missed the peak by about $4 but for a $125 stock with choppy market action at the time, it's not so bad. This year has been characterized by strategic profit-taking -- first LJ Intl, then Excel Maritime, and now this -- which will do wonders for my taxes, I'm sure.
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