Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The lion likes onions?

Lions Park

Two geocaches for the afternoon: Le Lion Aime Des Oignons at Lions Park in Upper Saddle River and Where's the Pepper? at Silver Creek Park in Mahwah. I was actually a bit later than usual for these two geocaches, despite their proximity to home and work, but still got FTF on both anyway. As a sidenote, Lions Park was where the carnival was held last month and the park also occasionally hosts a circus. (which is about the only time you'll see elephants around here)

In the evening, I went for "I Forgot My Pen" (GC14J5Z) in Kakiat County Park in Montebello. It was on the blue trail, which is the gentler side of Kakiat. The red and white trails, on the other hand, go up the mountain with over 600 feet of elevation gain. Anyway, when I got back home to log it, I noticed that the geocache had been taken out of (unpublished from) the listings. I suspect that is because the cache owner had not gotten a Rockland County permit for the cache. It's a fairly new requirement so I'm not sure that everyone in the area knows about that yet. More bureaucratic headaches for everyone.

After Kakiat, I went to Palisades Center Mall because I hadn't been there in a while. Got some 5-cent pencil packs at Staples because of their Back to School special. (Back to school in July?) Those were 1 cent per pack last year and the pencil packs now have 8 instead of 12 pencils, so that's 650% inflation. :)

Then I had conveyor-belt sushi at East Japanese Restaurant on the 4th floor of the mall. This time, they had sweet potato roll, which was different. Splurged a bit and got the tiramisu. (which was apparently supplied by Bindi, a dessert service company) There was also a notice on the table about some impending price hikes. Inflation, it's everywhere you want to be!

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