Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Last Monday

"'Last Mondays' Meet & Greet" geocaching event (GC13JRD)

This evening, I went to the 'Last Mondays' Meet & Greet geocaching event in Norwalk, CT. The event was held at Ambrosia Restaurant on River Street. I thought traffic would be bad on I-95 at rush hour but I made it there in about an hour. I thought it was a good event. I don't see Connecticut geocachers very much but that may change because this event will kick off a series of monthly events in Norwalk.

I had the gyro platter.

There was a geocache placed just for the event, so we all went for it after dinner. It was a puzzle cache using information up and down River St. to derive the coordinates. I got all the answers but I ended up just following everyone else over to the final cache site, where we found and logged the cache in the dark.
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