Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

SEPAG Storms the Castle IV

The castle that we were storming (It's a fancy playground)

It was tough having to choose between the "SEPAG Storms the Castle" geocaching event and a mascot gig for the Newark Bears, which both took place today. In the end, I resolved in favor of the geo event for the following reasons:
  • SEPAG Storms the Castle is one of the major SEPAG events and I've been to almost every event in this series.
  • I hadn't been to the Doylestown area since the last Storms the Castle event and there were no doubt plenty of new geocaches in the area.
  • It was over 90°F and I couldn't think of putting on a fursuit, especially if the gig was going to be outdoors. (To be fair, at the time I had to make the decision, I couldn't foresee the weather that far ahead. But August days are often hot.)
Only time will tell if I made the right decision. :) Anyway, I was looking forward to eating picnic foods until I was stuffed and then rolling downhill to some geocaches. That worked pretty well because there was such a quantity of food at the event that all of us put together weren't able to finish even half of the food! I'd brought some rice crackers and corn chips but we didn't use those, so I brought those back home again.

I won a geocoin in the raffle but under very unusual circumstances. A fellow geocacher didn't have time to stick around for the raffle drawing, so he gave me his raffle tickets. One of those tickets won the coin! So that was quite an unexpected bonus.

After the event, I headed out for some geocaches in the Doylestown area as planned. I had help searching for the first few geocaches because I ran into other cachers at those cache sites. After that, I found even more geocaches on my own, finishing up with an easy one after dark and ending the day with 19 caches found.

Dinner was at Wawa in Chalfont, PA. Just had a meatball and mashed potatoes hot-to-go bowl because it was quick. Also stocked up on chocolate milk and green tea iced tea. I saw Wawa's new white iced tea but they didn't have it in half-gallon bottles so I didn't get any. You pay almost as much for the small bottle as you do for the half-gallon bottle so it isn't worth getting the small bottle.


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