Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Into the belly of the beast

Corner of 1st Avenue and 49th Street

Went into Manhattan this morning to renew my passport. The Consulate General is at 2nd Avenue and 43rd St. I was a bit disappointed that the parking garage on 42nd St. that I used in previous passport-renewal trips had been converted into a hotel. Circled the block again and used a more-expensive garage on 45th St.

Like all bureaucracies back in the old country, the consulate is slow. It ended up taking nearly 2 hours just to submit the application. Waited 3 times: once to pick up the forms, once to have my thumbprints taken on their thumbprint-taking machine, and once to pay the $80 fee and pick up the receipt. That last wait was the longest because by that time, the clerk also had to deal with a bunch of people who had forgotten to bring photos and other documents. The passport will be ready in a few days, which means another trip into NYC, although I'll probably give it a few weeks before returning.

On my way out, I got some street meat on pita bread from a 2nd Avenue street vendor. It was good and cheap. (Hope it doesn't make me sick. :) ) I see what office workers in the area have for lunch. On the same block, you can find box lunches and fruit at pretty reasonable prices.
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