Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Two-state adventure

Trail near the Hackensack River

I apparently slept through a storm. It was sunny in the morning, so I didn't know about the tornado in NYC until I heard about it on the radio. No storm damage in my neighborhood except for one fallen tree limb.

In the evening, I went for the Northern Valley 2-State Multi geocache. It was a 2-stage multicache. Although both stages were fairly quick, the stages were about 3 miles apart so it did take a bit of time to complete. The first part was in a cemetery in Tappan, NY. This part may need maintenance because the piece of paper inside was already soaked from the rain. The second part was in a wooded area near the Hackensack River in Old Tappan, NJ. That area was a bit muddy from last night's rain but it wasn't too bad. I was in and out quite quickly, although I did take a look at the abandoned car.

After that, I went to Palisades Center since I had a bunch of things to do there. Took advantage of this week's 5-cent Back To School sale at Staples. Obviously, the 5-cent items are loss leaders meant to bring in the back-to-school shoppers who'll buy other more-profitable items. I, on the other hand, bought only the 5-cent items because I can leave those in geocaches. And finally, I went to East Japanese Restaurant on the 4th level for some sushi. Their prices have gone up, but for now, service appears to be twice as good as usual.
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