Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FA: United Day 1

Headed off to the Ramada in Newark this morning in heavy rain to attend FA: United. Compared to Anthrocon last month, this is a much smaller convention. Very low-key. There weren't many activities planned for today, so I actually had a chance to chat with some friends, especially punktiger in the morning, and tzup and sunfire later at night. The convention space is also much smaller (one corridor on the 2nd floor and a small ballroom on the lobby level), so getting around was quick.

Con registration didn't open until noon, but I was the first one to pick up my registration materials. In addition, skippyfox presented me with the special "#1" ribbon for being the first to pre-register on the FA: United website, which I did back in January.

Went out for lunch, which basically involved driving around Newark looking for anything that wasn't a pizza and fried chicken place. I encountered a flood on McClellan St. Of course, there was a geocache too. I found EWR Layover, which was at the Four Points Sheraton, down the road from the Ramada.

Back at the hotel, the room was finally ready for check-in so I got that sorted out. As I expected, my reservation once again came up as the full rate. Fortunately, the front desk clerk was able to correct it and get me the group rate. For the con, I roomed with athauglas and Pyxaron. After getting my stuff into the room, I got into fursuit and hung out in the hallway and lobby for a bit. We didn't book the entire hotel this year, so we're sharing hotel space with non-convention hotel guests. Their reactions were priceless. There were some young ladies who got all giggly and kept saying "sooo cuuute" at all the fursuiters. There were also pilots, business folks, and families who were curious as to what it was all about.

Dinner was another search for food. There are not a heck lot of restaurants around this part of Newark, but I found a diner about 2 or 3 miles south on US-1/9. This much I learnt from my NYC experience anyway: if the police eat there, it's probably okay.

Back at the hotel, I went to see the con suite and the live drawing panel. Got into fursuit and went to the dance and then mostly hung out the rest of the night until things got quiet.

Thanks also to tjcoyote, who surprised me with large glossy prints of fursuit photos he took at tonyringtail's BBQ.

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