Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Hike of the Happy Dog

3 sauces for the chicken nuggets

Amazingly, I already have a Where's George hit from a dollar bill I spent while at FA: United! The user note mentions the Ramada Hotel and it got logged in London.

I posted my photos from FA: United on Flickr here. Not very many pictures though. I need to just hang around with the camera more.

After a weekend in ghetto Newark (with bulletproof-glass Popeye's :) ), it's time to get back into the woods. First, I went to Happy Dog Cache in Buttermilk Falls County Park in Nyack, NY. I'm a bit nostalgic about this park because it's where I found my 2nd geocache, Buttermilk Falls, 6 years ago. Back then, I thought it was an incredibly tough hike, but there were several reasons for that: I was unfit at the time, I took the steeper way up, and that cache was further up the hill. This one, on the other hand, was pretty easy. I was at the cache site in very little time. The cache appears to be meant for dogs. It had lots of dog toys and accessories, and it was decorated with pawprints. After signing in, I took a look at the nearby waterfall. It hadn't rained within the last day, so there wasn't much water there.

I also went to the Star Scouter geocache in the wooded area at the boy scout camp in Alpine. Only problem was parking was allowed on the access road only until 7pm and it was already past 6:40pm as I was driving in. No problem. I just walked faster and did the 0.46-mile round trip, cache sign-in, and photography in 9 minutes.

After that, I went to Northvale. Had 3 kinds of dipping sauces, which came with 20 chicken nuggets. (or is it the other way around? :) ) On my way there, I came across an Asian grocery in Tappan. It's funny that I've been down Route 303 a number of times but never noticed that there was a predominantly-Korean strip mall. Unfortunately, the store didn't have anything that I wanted, but perhaps they'll have more items once the renovation is complete.

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