Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Gotta "cache" 'em all?

Baja Chicken Sub

Ran some errands this afternoon. Paid the cable internet bill in Mahwah. Then I went to Home Depot in Mahwah to pick up some fursuit repair supplies. This seems to be something that has to be done after every convention. Part of the wire structure of Chestnut Husky's tail had ripped through the back brace. During FA: United, I used duct tape to hold it in place but that didn't work too well. So my idea now is to get some thick shelf cover material and glue and sew it on as a patch. I hope that holds better than the original fabric, but I think the whole thing will eventually have to be rebuilt anyway.

I haven't had a Quiznos coupon for a few months, but I got one recently. So I went to Quiznos in Ramsey this afternoon for their new baja chicken sub. I was surprised to see someone other than Victor behind the cash register. Gee, I stay away for a few months and they go and have a change in management! He might be new too because I had to inform him about the coupon code. Anyway, it doesn't appear that service is any different from what it used to be, although I noticed that they're skimping on the meat a bit so I probably won't be back as often unless I get some good coupons.

In the evening, I went for the Pokemon In The Hood geocache at a small park and playground in Westwood. The geocache had gone unfound for a few days because there was a problem with the coordinates. This afternoon, I saw that the coordinates had been updated, so I went and got FTF on it. Funny thing is the difference between the old and the new coordinates was only 66.5 feet, so I'm wondering why the geocachers who attempted this cache previously didn't expand their search area and find it despite the soft coordinates. Perhaps this cache's proximity to houses made them uneasy about poking around the wooded area.

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