Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey and South Jersey (US-130 corridor)

A pleasant not-so-hot day with lots of wind.

It's funny the way things repeat. Just like last weekend, I found myself driving past Newark International Airport again. This time, I was on the NJ Turnpike side of the airport before and after finding a few geocaches in Liberty State Park. After that, I headed over to the Delaware River side of South Jersey, from Bordentown to Riverton. I ought to know that area pretty well by now, seeing as how I keep going there by default because of the way I sorted my stack of geocache listings by latitude. It's a nice area though, and well-connected with US-130 as the main artery.

Had pretty good luck with the geocaches. There were 4 cache sites where the first item I touched was the cache itself. It was remarkable because two of those were pill-sized nanocaches. Love those zero-search cache finds. On the other side of the balance, two geocaches were problematic. One had a FedEx truck right in front of it. I was going to ask the driver to move his truck so I can look for the cache, but decided against it. I'll be down that way again anyway. The other one was in a not-so-good area. I aborted the search when I got a cut on my thumb from a piece of garbage. I guess I'll have to start using my left hand. :)

Dinner was at the KFC/LJS co-branded restaurant in Beverly. They had honey sauce, so I tried some honey sauce on my fried fish. Well, that was different. Sweet enough to be a carnival snack. On my way home, I decided to try my luck with one more geocache in Linden at 11pm. That time of night, the streets were almost empty so I was able to park right next to the cache. And that too turned out to be a surprisingly quick find. Did some night photography too. Good way to end the day, even if it meant I got home past midnight.


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