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Independence Park

Went out for a pair of quick geocaches this afternoon. The first one was Independence Park Cache at Independence Park in Orangeburg. It appears that the cache owner posted the geocache listing before placing the cache, which is a faux pas. How do I know that? Because yesterday, four geocachers could not find it, but when I went for it today, the hiding spot was simple enough that it was hard to believe anyone with any experience at all could've missed it.

The second one for the afternoon was The Verger's Veranda at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Pearl River. It was practically on the doorstep of the church, so the cache owner had to and did get permission from the church folks to place the cache. I thought the hiding spot was pretty neat though, but I can't spoil it here.

In the evening, I visited GONE Cachin' Micro in Ringwood Manor State Park in Ringwood. This was the cache I didn't have time for yesterday evening because it was getting dark. This evening, I got there a bit earlier to allow time for what I thought would be a long search. (A tiny bison tube in a wooded area can be like a needle in a haystack.) So it was rather ironic that I found it within a few seconds after arriving at the cache spot. Lucky.

One thing I found somewhat hypocritical was the line "The NNJC is about promoting a quality caching experience in Northern New Jersey" in the cache description. A micro cache in a wooded area that could easily accomodate a lock & lock or an ammo can is not a quality caching experience. Anyone who is unlucky or whose GPS is off by even a bit could be in for a long, frustrating search, and for what? A slip of paper in a small tube? Maybe it's a nice hike or perhaps there's a good view from the cache site, but I would call that a quality hiking experience. If that's what you're after, you'd just do that hike, cache or no cache.

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