Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

North and South Jersey, but not Central

Train Museum

The weather was oppressively hot and humid. I did a bunch of geocaches in North Jersey at Palisades State Park. Then I went all the way to South Jersey, around Pemberton and Fort Dix, for the remaining geocaches.

Some local folks I ran into on the rail trail at "2 walls + 1 micro" and "yonder" were very helpful. While I was in the woods, I saw 2 huge walls still standing. When I told the guy what I saw, he explained that it used to be a foundry. Back in the 1930s when the foundry was in operation, trains transported sand from a quarry at the other end of the tracks and dumped it between the two walls. He said that when he was young, he would run along the tracks and catch a ride on the slow-moving train. He also told me where the secondary trail was to get to "yonder" because somehow, he figured I was going that way.

Went to Wawa for both lunch and dinner. I'll explain why. At lunchtime, I was stuck in traffic in the North Brunswick area, so I figured I might as well turn off there and get a chicken salad club wrap. Then at dinnertime, the last geocache I did was at a truck stop in Bordentown. So I went into the truck stop and saw an Iron Skillet restaurant. It's a sit-down type of restaurant with a buffet. No price was posted for the buffet so I needed to find out how much it was before eating. (The price is probably quite reasonable because that's what all the truckers seemed to be having, but one can never be sure.) The problem was I couldn't get any of the waitstaff to even look at me. After a while, I got tired of the lack of service and so I went around the block to the Bordentown Wawa, where I was able to get a meatball hot-to-go bowl and an ice cream sundae quickly and easily.


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