Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Lake Ronkonkoma

Another hot day, but not as hot or as humid as yesterday. GW Bridge traffic was very slow, almost at a standstill. Only after waiting in traffic, I saw the reason for the delay. They closed two lanes on the lower level! Look, people, you need to add lanes, not remove lanes. :) I think if I do this again next weekend, I'll try coming down through Westchester.

My pace was very uneven today. I spent an inordinate amount of time on the first six geocaches, but not much time at all on the last nine geocaches. Of the first six, two were multicaches that I decided to finish off to clear an area. A few more were in the slow section of the South Shore: full of traffic lights and not close to the highway.

Once I was done geocaching, I went to Sentosa Restaurant in Flushing and met up with earlyadopter_j for dinner. I had chicken satay, seafood crispy noodle, and pulut hitam. (I've had those items before at other restaurants, but I needed to flesh out my collection of food photos from this restaurant.) We had an interesting conversation about art, subcultures, and why we do these things that the average person doesn't see the point in doing.


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