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Death Rod Has Spoken

Why does Windows XP go crazy swapping to disk when there's 150MB of physical memory remaining? And that's the default setting! No wonder people keep having to buy more memory. Anyway, I applied these registry tweaks. No problems so far and it seems to work much better now.

Another evening out in the cold hell we call New Jersey. :) Superbowl Sunday is coming so there are many kinds of microwaveable frozen snack food on sale at the supermarket. Not by coincidence, there are coupons for those very same frozen items in last Sunday's newspaper. And even better, the supermarket doubles the coupons. So I went and bought up all of it. It may not be a very healthy diet but dinner (or lunch) for the next five days will be fun. Hmm... shall I have the buffalo wings tomorrow or the mini tacos? :)

As for the subject of this entry, here's Death Rod. :)
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