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8 years on WG

Philadelphia Where's George gathering 1/27/2007

I finally got Vermont Where's George County Bingo with this hit in Concord, VT! (Essex County) I actually had the county bingo since August 9 but I didn't realize it until I checked my Hits by State report today. That took nearly 8 years since I started, so getting hits in Vermont is tough compared to the other New England states, at least from here in New Jersey. I still need Franklin County in Maine to complete New England County Bingo. Let's see how many years that one takes.

Speaking of 8 years, it's my 8-year anniversary on Where's George! I signed up on August 29, 1999. I found the website quite by accident. Back in those days, I didn't use Google and web searches were somewhat of an art because Altavista, which I used back then, would often return search results that were only tangentially related to my search keywords. The Where's George website was one of those accidental finds. It was a rather primitive website back then but I liked the idea of tracking currency for fun, and 8 years later, I'm still there.


First, my "Your Bills" summary:
You have entered 128,190 Bills worth $220,575
Bills with hits: 24,363    Total hits: 32,917
Hit rate: 19.01%   Slugging Percentage: 25.68% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,383.12
Your rank (based on George Score) is #21
(out of 51,987 current users with a George Score. [100.0 Percentile])
Your State Rank in New Jersey is: 2 out of 3,180 [99.9]
I'm still pretty close to the top in both state and sitewide ranks!

I think the most appropriate table for this occasion is the Breakdown by Year:

Breakdown by Year - Hide
Year Bills
of Total
Bills with
hits *
Hits *
Bills w/Hits
1999 374 $2,234 $5.97 0.29% 374 16 21 4.3% 16
2000 4,297 $9,689 $2.25 3.35% 4,671 863 1,097 20.1% 879
2001 22,708 $44,748 $1.97 17.71% 27,379 6,169 8,752 27.2% 7,048
2002 27,421 $46,097 $1.68 21.39% 54,800 6,555 9,270 23.9% 13,603
2003 19,500 $28,013 $1.44 15.21% 74,300 3,685 5,105 18.9% 17,288
2004 15,400 $26,432 $1.72 12.01% 89,700 2,408 3,172 15.6% 19,696
2005 14,500 $24,205 $1.67 11.31% 104,200 1,978 2,413 13.6% 21,674
2006 14,700 $24,188 $1.65 11.47% 118,900 1,876 2,185 12.8% 23,550
2007 9,290 $14,969 $1.61 7.25% 128,190 813 902 8.8% 24,363
* Bills entered that year which have received at least one hit.

I might've overdone it in 2001 and 2002. I'm still getting the occasional hit here and there on some of the many bills entered in those two years.

Hit Rate chart

My WG hit rate (bills hit / bills entered) peaked at the beginning of 2004 and has been in decline since. I think I've already bored all the people in my neighborhood with Where's George bills. :)

Average Value per Bill chart

This chart shows how the average value per bill of the bills I've entered in my WG account has changed over time. The minimum is, of course, $1 if I enter 100% singles. A higher bill value average means that I've been entering more bills of higher denominations. This chart shows that I've been entering more singles in recent years.

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