Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mayfly of a geocache

Nash Park

This is an epic tale of a geocache that lasted for only one day. TheSl0th's Micro was approved late last night, but I think we saw it only the next day. (Or at least I did. Maybe someone else got the cache notification at night.) It was in New City, near Main Street. Outdoors Lady was first on scene in the morning. She noted her nervousness at being in the area. I went there in the afternoon. As far as I could determine, the cache location was right at the edge of a property line. It was too close to a daycare center. (within 100 feet) After I had found the cache and as I was bring it back downhill to my car, I noticed that someone was watching from the daycare center. I mentioned that in my online log and suggested that the cache owner move the cache a bit further into the woods to avoid problems.

The cache owner went out a bit later in the afternoon to move the cache. He retrieved it and put it in his pocket. Unfortunately, there was a hole in his pocket, so the cache fell out and probably got lost in the weeds. And that was the end of it. So he archived the cache listing. Better luck next time!

In the evening, I had a Popeye's chicken sandwich and cajun fries. I also got some 50%-off tuna avocado sushi from a greengrocer for later. But the real reason I went out was to take a look at the $450 notebook computer at Staples. Well, they didn't have any in stock, except for the display model. It is amazing that this notebook computer is twice as fast as the one I have for about 2/3 of the price. It's thinner too. However, I decided not to order one for in-store pickup because I think my notebook computer is still good for one more year before it turns to dust. Besides, I'm not using it for much, so performance is less critical than the fact that no one would bother to steal it. :) Since I was at Staples, I got some cheap Back To School 3-ring binders and a few more 1-cent pencil packs. I don't think I'll run out of pencils in this lifetime unless I start eating them.

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